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Button Badge Machine (Hydraulic) (without Mould)

Hydraulic button badge making machine body with practical quick-change mechanism for the production of various buttons and pins. Pneumatic badge machine is fast, efficient, and durable with air powered automatic microcomputer control system to improve work efficiency and reduce labour intensity.

Hydraulic button badge machine can be set to manual, semi-auto or fully automatic way to work with different mould sizes and shapes. Choose your favourable button badge shapes and sizes out of Round 75mm, 58mm, 44mm, 32mm or 25mm to produce 200 button badges per hour continuously.

Complete your button badge making with exchangeable mould made up of chrome plated steel and button badge die cutter to die cut your design artwork on inkjet paper. Button badge pins and materials are ready packed with metal front, plastic pin-back & mylar cover for your production.

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