Another popular brand of transfer papers made in US launched recently with perfect transfer effects named ATT TRANSFER PAPER.

ATT Transfer Paper

ATT Transfer Paper

Key Features
Heat Transfer Paper
Article: Light Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
Model: P-TP-D-ATT
Size: A4, A3
Origin: Made in USA

Temperature: 185°C
Pressure: 35~40 psi
Time: 20 sec.

*Design the image you want
*Print the image on transfer paper by pigment ink.
*Cut the image by scissors or mark sensor cutter
*Transfer the image on clothes with designated time, temp., and pressure.
*Hot peel. Peel off the paper immediately after transferring.

Soft, washable, and elastic.
No cracks and fading after transferring.
Ideal for transferring on Cotton, Polyester, Poly/cotton blends, etc.

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