Why T-shirt Printing Business is so Profitable?

There are many ways of printing T-shirts nowadays such as silk screen printing, direct to garment printing, embroidery printing etc. Most of the printing methods required a big quantity to proceed, say 100pcs or above. If the quantity is less, then it might be a bit expensive for T-shirt printing.

However, for heat transfer printing, we can print our customized T-shirts with full colour, durable printing & washable. No MOQ is required. Yes, AS LOW AS ONE unit.

So do you have customers who would like to print a small quantity for family or birthday party, reunion, corporate events, 3 days exhibition or couple t-shirt?
Heat transfer printing is the best choice! Let us calculate the profit for T-shirt sublimation printing.

Cost of Blank T-shirt: RM12.00
A4 Size Sublimation Printing: RM1.50
Total Cost Price: RM13.50

Suggested Market Selling Price: RM35.00

Selling Price – Cost Price
= RM35.00 – RM13.50
= RM21.50 per piece (259% profit margin)

If there is a bulk orders for 20pcs, selling price is RM32.00 each.
Total Cost Price: RM13.50 X 20pcs = RM270.00
Total Selling Price: RM32.00 X 20pcs = RM640.00
Total Profit: RM370.00

Time for printing a T-shirt with heat transfer printing is only 3min per piece.
2min: print the artwork on sublimation / transfer paper from printer
1min: heat the artwork from paper on T-shirt
Total time used: 3min X 20pcs = 60min or 1hr

Interested in making RM370.00 in an hour with T-shirt printing business?
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