What is a caricature? The key difference between caricature and drawing a portrait of someone is the intentional distortion of the subject in caricature. This distortion is difficult because the features of the subject are what makes the subject recognizable, when you start fooling around with these features, then you run the risk of losing the likeness of the subject. So in order to keep the likeness you should understate features that are minimized on the subject and over-maximize the features that are maximized on the subject. If you go against the grain and minimize a person’s large mouth you will loose the likeness.

Creating caricatures involves using varying line qualities, illustrating exaggerated features and bright colors. You will need to study the human anatomy to perfect your drawing of the face and body. Then you must have a natural skill that goes along with the training to be able to draw portraits and caricatures. If you want to create a caricature and you don’t know how, you can use an online program/software that will enable you to develop caricatures.

To look more interesting, you could also drawn caricatures of local and foreign artists’. After completion of drawing caricatures, the best suggestion is to print these characters either on mugs, t-shirts, mouse-pads, etc. as a personal collection or gift.

pic source: http://www.joangimeno.es/

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