Leisure time often left unattended. What if your free time is filled with DIY Craft try. I’ve included some examples here for you to try:

1) Ombre Nails with a Sponge

2) Make a Heart-Shaped Ring Out of Wire  

3) Ramekins, Coffee Beans and Tea Lights 

4) Simple white paint hand prints on a black – or colorful – This easy project involves the whole family and can be done in one afternoon and will add a bit of flair to a gallery wall anywhere in the house.

5) Save the sweet memories of your babies by turning clothes they’ve outgrown into a quilted pillow like this one. Make one for each child and they can enjoy it for a lifetime.

This hobby can be used to spend leisure time or to get additional income. In what way? take a picture of your craft and publish results on your  FB account or your Twitter or etc. Easy right?

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