A caricature drawing is a custom portrait, often described as a cartoon portrait. This is because there is a likeness of a particular person, but the style involves some simplification and exaggeration.

They can either be head & shoulders style, or personalized with any activity. The themed pictures usually have a “big head / little body” look, which adds to the fun. The photos you provide become the reference for our original art, which is hand-drawn with permanent ink on heavy paper.

Caricature doesn’t have to be for a gift. You may want to hang it on your own wall.”

Gift caricatures are great for any occasions. A gift caricature will surprise and amuse that special person. It’s a unique present; not a manufactured item from a store. The caricature artist tailors the picture to a particular person’s look and interests.

Caricature Drawing

Each single caricature (including head,body and background) is RM140.
Additional caricature is RM100.
Eg: Couple Caricature (2 pax) is total RM240.


To order your caricature today, please email us below information:-
– photos, description on the facial expression, dress code, background

Email address: order@HeartBeat.my
Contact No. : 019.3233.532 (Huey Shi)

Our customer service will deal with you very soon. Hope to serve you soon. Happy Caricaturing! ^_^