Have you ever thought about making your own wedding invitations? You can save a lot of money especially when you have a huge guest list. If you decide to order wedding invitation cards, they can easily be over two hundred dollars for less than thirty cards. When you do it yourself, you can always save money and make your cards as unique as you like.

DIY Wedding Invitation Suggestions

  • Always start with the paper. Many young couples focus on the design only to realize too late that they cannot find the “right” paper stock. Papers come in a variety of sizes and weights.
  • Seek matching envelopes. We recommend including a reply card set with your invitation and, as such, it is wise to insure that there are matching paper stock and envelopes in the stock you select for your invitation. There are few things more frustrating than not being able to find matching envelopes for your unique invitation.
  • Avoid being too cutesy! There is a tendency over-design a DIY wedding invitation. Please remember, it is a wedding invitation not an arts-and-crafts project! The key is moderation and a clean design. Use no more than two font styles. More than that is confusing and detracts from the elegance of the invitation.
  • Use Proper Etiquette. There are few things more disturbing than the lack of proper etiquette in the wording of your invitation. While customs change, proper etiquette is never out of fashion. A few big “dont’s”: Do not place the URL of your wedding website on the invitation. Also, no gift registry information should be shown on the invitation. Resist using a monogram no matter how cute (after all, you are not married).
  • How to use Color. There are many ways to incorporate color into your invitation. Envelope linings, borders and font colors to name a few. Like font styles, too much color tends to cheapen the look of the invitation. If in doubt, go with black.
  • How to incorporate motifs into your invitation. The use of motifs can often create a sense of “place,” “time,” or “energy.” For instance, a sea shell motif for a beach wedding; or an acorn for a fall wedding. One might want to use theme motifs on different elements of your wedding papers ensemble. For instance, a palm tree on the wedding invitation and a sea shell on the reply card set. Use your imagination, but do not go overboard. Too many motifs can be as distracting as colors and font styles.

When you are creating your own DIY invitation cards, be sure to download some Free Wedding Invitation Templates so that you can create them easily with your computer. You should also try to search for some more Wedding Invitations ideas on the web so that you can create your own unique design.



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