Bored with the existing decor?  Want change but lack of budget? How about change a little decoration in your wall.  Put some magic with your DIY wall decor.

Look for frames at thrift stores, yard sales and even dollar shops. Even is it is filled with ugly artwork, look past it for the frame. Use frames themselves as artwork. Hang a grouping of empty frames of different shapes, sizes and finishes. Make sure you hang them only a few inches apart, and use an odd number of frames for a natural look.

Paper can also be used as wall art…check out the scrap booking section of your local craft shop for attractive paper in your rooms theme to frame and hang. Also look into handmade papers for a high end look. You may used Cutting Plotter to cut creative art.

Home decor is an expression of ourselves. Wall decoration does not have to be costly, as long as you use a little imagination and Creativity, not Cash! But sometimes, creativity can give you Ideas to Start Business.



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