Omg, Omg! I totally picked up this lovely thing today. It’s a Silhouette Cameo, a little personal die cutting machine. Basically it makes papercuts. I can also do wall vinyl and other media, but I primarily want it to do papercuts. I can design detailed cutting templates in a vector program, like Adobe Illustrator, and import them over into the Silhouette’s software. Then I can cut the same thing as many times as I want! I can’t wait to play with it more! Today I did a test of it by making and cutting out a pink vinyl wall cling, which I put on the side of the self over my work table. It worked perfectly! I am so super happy.

I made the design using a font and some swirlies I drew with the brush tool. Then I fiddled around with it, expanding it to outlines and then merging everything. I exported the file to the Silhouette software, and it translated it perfectly to a cutting template! The Cameo is hooked up to my computer, so I just sent it over and it cut it out.

Pardon my extremely bad pics. I snapped them in the heat of excitement with my Iphone. So, I neglected to think of the easiest way to peel wall vinyl in my haste to make something cool. The easy (and best) way to do it is to use transfer paper to move the design from its backing to the wall. We didn’t have any (gotta order that from Amazon tomorrow) but we wanted to stick our new sticker to something like, tonight. So we MacGyvred the heck out of it. First, we peeled off all the vinyl that WASNT the design.

Then we used the cutting mat that the Cameo came with as a transfer sheet. It is a really sticky mat that you press your paper down onto when you are feeding it into the machines so that the paper stays in one spot while the machine does its job.

Then we pressed the design up against my shelf, and carefully peeled away the mat. Worked like a charm! :3 I love it! Can’t wait to make some really big ones… but I will wait on the transfer paper for that.

That’s it.

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