There are many different brands and types of gifts in the market nowadays. But why should we choose custom made DIY gifts instead of ordinary gifts available from other gift stores?



With the help of such as printing on demand with heat transfer printing, it is possible for us to produce personalised gifts for as LOW as ONE unit at an affordable price.  It has high acceptance level especially for students in the market.


A personalised gift such as t-shirts, mugs, clocks, puzzles, mouse pads are more usable and practical compared to flowers, teddy bears, chocolate which do not sustain fo a long period of time and also have low usable value.


When you DIY your our own gift, the value of the gift becomes more meaningful and has a sentimental value to the person giving and receiving. It may not be worth thousands of dollars, but it is worth of million valuable memories.

In short, we believe by joining DIY Gift Business, everyone can save money and time. Hence, most importantly, get to present gifts to their beloved ones from heart during their special occasions.

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