Most of us associate ‘creativity’ with human pursuits such as painting, creative-writing, writing music and so on. We associate this kind of creativity with the world of imagination, dreams, nature and so on.

Of course everyone is familiar with some of the more popular forms of creative advertising to promote your product or business. This includes article marketing, back linking, bookmarking on social media sites, blog posting and commenting on other blogs as well as Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Billboard  is another type of advertising that can be used by companies.  Some companies using billboard  for introduced company brand name, new product etc.  Some company can’t afford to use billboard for their advertising medium.  But for those who can, it’s very important to ensure the billboard can deliver message to the audience or most importance, to their target customer.  They need to make it “short and simple”  and understandable.  Here are some ideas of creative advertising through billboard.