Online marketing is very popular among us in the new era.  Some do it as hobby, some to get additional income, and some do  it for living. It becomes more evident that online promotion has more and more advantages over traditional media. It gives the opportunities to increase the business and find many customers all over the world.  The reason why people are more attracted to do online marketing is because of below:

Affordable costs

Online marketing using more effort than cost.  Web marketing costs much cheaper but you still can see even bigger result compared to traditional marketing by TV or radio.  The online user goes online at the time that is convenient for him, and taking into account that your advertisement in the internet is active 24 hours per day, he will view it at the time he is interested.

Receive the feedback          

Is not that you can’t get feedback from your customer when you do traditional marketing.  But usually, it will takes time.  But through online marketing, you can track your customer and received the feedback about your service or product you provide.  Always have comment section in your webpage to keep in touch and communicated with your customer.

Online “Rumor

Word of Mouth is very powerful in marketing.  People are more like to hear recommendations from their friends rather than read or find out by themselves. The power of the “rumor” about your company should never be underestimated, because you need a good base to build on a great business. Remember that 1 happy customer can bring another 100’s customer to your company.

Keep in mind the fact that people like to buy online and spend a lot of time searching online, reading reviews, and writing their own impressions. Focusing on the exact segment of your industry you can present the services in the desired manner, which will bring you more real clients. You need to differentiate your company from others, and the e-marketing is an interesting way to promote your business and gain popularity.

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