Do you know that currently, shopping bag is very popular in the market.  In Malaysia itself, major shopping complex will sell shopping bag to reduce the usage of plastic bag.  Some company used shopping bag as a medium for their promotion purposed.  Just print your company logo on the bag, distributed it as free and lets the word of mouth do their job.

When making shopping bag, heat transfer is the best options as you can print in full color and it affordable. Here  are some advantages of heat transfer printing

  • These are quite a few – but are offset by a slight increase in cost. If you are making a large order of promotional bags, though, the difference is usually negligible.
  •  There is no interaction between the image colour and the background colour
  •  Colours and borders stay vibrant and well delineated
  •  You can utilize photos on your promotional bags – silk screen printing doesn’t allow this: heat transfer, unlike silk screen, allows accurate reproduction of colour gradients and shadows thereby maintaining realistic colour and 3D effects.

Heat transfers are becoming more and more affordable. If you have ruled out this method of printing in the past because of expense, try again. You may be surprised at the better pricing. Consider getting some shopping bags with logo printing heat transfers for your business.



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