Giving gifts to your client or employee can be the best options in order to strengthen the relationship. But you still need to consider the timing and the occasion in order to avoid being accused as a bribe.  Below were the perfect time or occasion

1. The holidays

Usually at the end of the year, it’s been tradition for a company to give gifts to their clients or employees.  It’s either giving holiday trip to your employee or gift hamper basket to your clients, as long as they happy and they know it’s coming from you.

2. When you hire a new employee
A gift can be a powerful symbol of your dedication to your employees. On their first day, have a welcome package laid out at their workstation. It might include items they can use while working, like desk accessories or a coffee mug. Apparel is another popular choice. Even if your workplace does not require a uniform, a T-shirt, polo shirt, or dress shirt with the company logo will be appreciated.

3. When an employee does something great

Well bonuses are one thing, but an award for best employee of the month can be a great way to show appreciation or to create motivation for your employee.  Think about your team and what they would enjoy, whether it’s useful or silly.

4. When an employee leaves (on good terms)

Appreciate your employee is not just during their workday or their service period.  If you employee decides to end their service with your company, you can still appreciate them by giving a ‘good-bye and good luck’ gift.  They will appreciate you and there is a high possibility that they spread the positive words in their new workplace.

5. When you get a new client
Giving a business gift at the start of a relationship gets things off on the right foot. Plus, if the gift is decorated with your company logo, it will remind them of you and encourage them to continue doing business with you.

6. When a client places a large order
Client gifts express the essential truth of doing business: You need your customers and you’re happy they’re around. Of course you can give a quantity discount.  But if you place it with extra gift, they will be a guarantee, your client will look forward to have more business with you

When selecting corporate gift, made sure the gift is something that reminds you as the giver.  The best options is to put your company logo on the product.  But remember, the item should be useful and attractive, and show that you understand their needs.



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