Another one of the best personalized gift ideas is photo puzzle.  But before making your puzzle gift, please be prepared with the necessary items: a piece of blank puzzle, thermal tapes, computer, an inkjet printer, sublimation paper and a flat heat press.

Set the temperature at 330 (for A4) and time at 50-60S /330 (for A5) and time at 60-80S, mirror image with enough pressure.

1. Image Preparation: Use your digital camera, or memory card and make as creative and attractive design by using your imagination.

2. Image Trimming: Once you’re happy with the design, adjust the printed paper in a proper size. The size should be a bit larger than the size of the puzzle.

3. Printed Image: Start printing, print it on a piece of A4 sublimation paper or bigger size through the inkjet printer.

4. Printing Process: Fix the puzzle with printed paper lying on the silicone mat of the flat heat press. Confirm the proper pressure and turn on the press machine by setting the temperature.  When the temperature rises up to the programmed level, push down the heating board and the sublimation process starts.

5. Printing Finished: When the printing time comes to the end, pull up the heating board and take the puzzle and paper out of the silicon flat mat.

Once finished all the step below,  remove the paper and your customized image will be found in the puzzle. Taadaaa..!! You successfully produce your own photo puzzle. Now, you can promote your new gift product and start your gift printing business.  Good Luck!