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Valentine’s Day is coming.  For people who involved in gift business, this is the best time to gain more profits compared to normal days. Don’t be surprised if some businesses like flowers, chocolates, greeting cards, postcard printing, personalized gifts and other gift products will be on the boom. So, with all that Love and cash being distributed there is something here that you can use take advantage on for your business. You use this as a great opportunity to advertise your business.

Below is a simple guide on how to advertise your business on Valentine’s day. If you are new to promoting your businesses or maybe even a veteran owner who wants new ideas, then you will benefit from this guide.

1. Repackaging your products:

The first thing you should do is to set aside a few choice products for a “Valentine line”. These products should be the ones that are applicable as Valentine presents, which someone can give their significant other. It’s easy, just wrap your product with Valentine’s color.  For example if you’re in the apparel business, design red dress with heart pattern and put a label special for Valentine’s only.

2. Investing in printed gift materials:

Besides redressing your products, you can also have a few printed gift materials that you can give away or sell off as marketing tools. These printed materials can include color postcards or Valentine’s greeting cards, personalized Notecards, bookmarks and other such paraphernalia. You can design them for the season, with hearts, butterflies, ribbons and other nice objects. Of course include your business logo, or color business card in the package so that the printed giveaway becomes your advertising tool.

3. Offering Valentine’s day packages:

Of course, another way to advertise your business is to offer special Valentine’s day packages. Have a large color poster printed that announces your special Valentine ‘s Day deal. If you can, try to offer them in some kind of red packaging, or you can also offer some free gift wrapping so that people can immediately give them as gifts. For example: couple tee or couple mugs.

Those are just three great ideas for advertising your business in Valentine’s Day. If you have are creative enough, you can also adapt these strategies, or you can even build upon them so that you can use Valentine’s Day as a way of advertising your business. Good Luck!



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