A heat transfer press or heat transfer machine is a machine that utilizes heat to press a transfer onto an imprintable object, and this could be a T-shirt, cap, handbag, plates, mouse pads and many other items (with some exceptions and fabrics working better than others).

What’s the difference between sublimation and a this press method? The technical answer here is that sublimation permeates the surface coating of the particular medium whereas a heat transfer applies some but not all of the ink to the material while leaving some of the paper. Thus, we see sublimation used on harder materials as well as synthetic fabrics such as imprinting on coffee mugs, license plates or printing on 100% polyester shirts.


Samples – always test out some samples when using either a new machine, new transfer or new material such as a T-shirt or fabric type to ensure you can reproduce the correct temperature and pressure consistently. With these guidelines, you’ll be off to a great start in producing some terrific looking products whatever your line consists of, whether you’re selling shirts, mugs, caps or other items, and best of luck with your new heat press!



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