For some of us, working in an office is just not for us.  Rather than receiving orders for up management, working all out with same salary monthly can be demotivated. But having own business could be high risk and need high capital.  For newbie like us, starting own business with very large capital is like a suicide.

Actually, not all business start up require a large investment. Hereby, some of SMALL BUSINESS IDEAS that not required large capital and if you in correct path, you can earn more than you ever think.

Proposal Writing

If you have expertise in small business and a desire to help your fellow business owners, you can start by helping them to write business proposal.  Every business must start with strong proposal to create interest their banker(to approve loan) and their future client. Start with minimum charges, and lets see how it works.


If you’re good with your hands and have a general knowledge of home repair, then start a handyman service. Charge your clients less than the professionals. Your customers’ savings is your gain! You’ll need a good set of tools and a truck. Start your business with by approaching your friends and family, then expand into your neighborhood.

Cleaning Service

As many households emerge from the financial woes of recent recession, new opportunities are emerging for cleaning services.  Basic cleaning supplies and equipment can be purchased at most department stores for a relatively modest sum. Advertising costs are also minimal, particularly if you utilize the web, which provides extremely wide distribution free of charge

Party Planning

Do you love to throw parties, and especially enjoy the planning and preparation that takes place before the big event? If so, a small business as a party planner might be the perfect small business idea for you.

Gift Printing Business

As long as there is a people out there love to give and received gift, gift printing business can help you to print your money.  You just need to be creative in design and giving ideas, customer will find you.

There is a lot’s more example of Small Business Ideas you may find around you.  Just trust your instinct, and TRY.  Remember  “All Successful Stories Began With 1st Step..”



Interested to start your own business?