DIY Gift printing business is the not just about market and selling your printed mug/t-shirt.  You also need to know how to process the product and as a business owner, you must know how to choose perfect printing machinery and printing equipment.  To help you with your decision, here are four questions to ask yourself when buying a heat press.

1. Automatic or manual?

If you’re using an automatic machine, it will generate the pressure by using air pressure that is regulated in pounds per square inch.  It’s easy to used but more expensive and need to take care on the maintenance. Manual on the other hand allow you to adjust the pressure so you can feel the difference between the firm, medium and light.

2. How much do I want to produce?


For start, its better if you can print a number of sample and post it in your website.  For example 2 type of couple t-shirt, a number of mug design etc.  Normally for printing business, you will received a pre-order, and from there you can manage how much you need to produce and what type of printing machine suitable for each order.

3. Who is using it?

04It is important to keep in mind who will be using the press when buying a heat press. User manual can be very complex for a person who have less knowledge.  The best is when you decide to purchase heat press machine, ensure the seller provide product training and if they do, ensure that the person who will handle the machine attend the training.

4. What power options are available?volt

The last thing to look at when buying a heat press is the power that is put into each machine. The higher output machines are going to require a 220 volt connection, which is similar to your washer and dryer. Although it will save you energy costs, it will have a hefty price tag. Typically you are going to go with a heat press that requires less than a 220 volt connection.

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