You have the good quality products, creative design and perfect service, but how do you want to get customer and gain profit? Well, of course you need to have a strong marketing planning to ensure people know your business and product. Here are some highly-effective ways to market your business with a very reasonable budget:-

Social Media
Having a social media page for your business is completely-free, and many of these sites offer well-targeted advertising packages for which you can set your own budget. Building an online presence is crucial for modern business as it gives you a way to connect with your loyal customers and encourage them to continue to shop with you.

Business Cards
Wherever you go, your business cards should go as well and your card gives customers a personal connection with you. Your business card is not just showing your business contact information but it’s also portray your business.

Store Signs
17If you don’t have the money to reach off-site customers, you at least need to be reaching those who are already at or around your location. Presenting an attractive storefront makes your business more approachable and gives customers an idea of what you do. Ensure your store representative is very presentable and knowledgeable with your company product or services.

Make your customers do some of the work for you! Encourage happy clients to tell their friends and family about you. This is much more-affordable in the long run, and it also is more-effective because new customers are much more-likely to trust the opinion of their friends and family than your advertisements.

Free Gift
The word FREE itself have a very strong meaning.   Free doesn’t means you need to spend money to purchase hundred promotional pen’s to distributed to your customer (which you can do if you have enough budget).  But you can also providing free product training, free consultation services and etc.  Something that only need you to put extra effort without increase your expenses.

8.Final-Billborad-24x26No matter how good your products, but if you fail to market your business, you will be struggle to stay in the business for a long run.  Try our suggestion and see how its benefit you.  Wish you good business!



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