If you want to start a business, there is 4 things that you need to take serious consideration:

1. You need to have variation of product.  Ex: Maggie can be found as instant noodle, ketchup, chilli sauce etc
2. Using same based ideas but innovated some particular in the product.  Ex: iPhone4 vs iPhone5

1. Always ensure you make calculation on your total cost before decide how much you want to sell the product.  For instant for mug printing business, total cost each mug is RM4.50, so if you decide to get 80% profit out of the total cost, you can sell it for  RM8.10 (RM4.50+80%).
2. If your total cost production is very low, you can choose price skimming which sets a relatively high price for a product or service at first, then lowers the price over time.

1.  If you start from online business, it’s very critical to ensure you have a good distribution channel.  It is advisable to use currier compared of using normal post to avoid product delay or not in your customer hand on time.

1. Promotion is very good activity to ensure your brand is well known by your target market.  You can start by having online marketing for example FB fan page and post about your company, product or services.  This is because, most of online marketing is FOC and you can respond to your customer inquiries ASAP.
2. Advertising can give a huge impact to your business and make your brand more establish.  For example, give away balloon with your company logo on opening day is not just attract children to get the balloon but also to create their parents interest about your product or services.

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