When it comes to election and campaign season, a politician will need a medium to connect with their voters.  Voters need to be educated on the strengths of each candidate before making a choice. Big poster printing disseminates information to the masses by putting large posters in areas with high foot traffic is always the perfect and popular choice for the politician.

As a printing business owner, campaign season is the best time for you to boost your sales.  Hereby some of the ideas you can propose for your client for their campaign activities:

1. Button Badge
There is no doubt button badge is the perfect item giveaway for the politician.  Button badge is easy to distributed and it is affordable.  The politician can put a simple message on a design such as “Undilah Saya” or they can just put the logo.

2. T-shirt Printing
T-shirt printing can be a good idea especially if all of the committee members wearing the same shirt to show their supports to the politician and party. They also can be a walking advertisement as they wearing the shirt.

3. Flyers/Bunting
Flyers and bunting are very important as it is a direct advertisement.  Flyers must have a strong wording to ensure receiver understand and gets the message clearly.  While for bunting, it’s highly recommended to use short and simple words where viewers can read for less than 30Sec but have a strong effect on them.

The most important part for the business owner of a printing company, come up with high-impact designs. Study what works best for your constituents and use it to design your product.  Use this campaign season an opportunity to increase your profits.



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