DannyOne is a very talented Malaysian singger.  He started his singing journey as a boy group in Malaysia with the name “E-Male” on 2002. On 2004, the band separate but DannyOne determinate to his dream and successful received “The Best New Artiste” with his Solo Journey. Other than that, His music and composition get well compliment and recognition by various musician and artiste.

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His album distributed to Asia such as Singapore, Hong Kong and China. In the same time released a collaboration REMIX EP with few great DJ’s and musician in HK such as Jun and Steven etc.  “Love and Freedom’ received “Best Foreign Language Award” and few nomination by one of the most anticipating Music Award Ceremony in Malaysia. Up to today, DannyOne continue his successful journey as a Malaysian Chinese Pop, Hip-Hop & Rappers Singers.

We in DIYPrintingSupply.com are very proud as Mr DannyOne coming to our showroom on 22nd April 2013 and buy DIY Gift Business Package from us.  We  did not expect a superstar like DannyOne is a very humble person.  Thank you so much for your visit and we wish you all the best on your singing career.



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