Product without packaging is difficult to sell.  Why? because, through packaging, your customer will know your company name and branding.  They key is to know which packaging factors will influence your product’s success.  Here are 4 things you need to know as you start on your journey that packages your product to sell.

No Product Without Packaging:  Just think about potato chips and eggs for example. How could you sell them unbroken and undamaged without a package? You have to be able to transport a product from point A to point B. The package is what makes it happen. Even if your product is not fragile, it can’t get into the buyers hands in a shop worn condition. Consumers will NEVER buy it.

Packaging Cost is Higher Than Production Cost:  This factor is important, not just to protect your product inside the packaging, but also for marketing purpose.  If you have an attractive packaging of your product, it’s will attract people to touch and check more about your product.

Security in packaging is becoming increasingly important:  This will continue to come into focus as more people become concerned about product integrity. So, if you selling food, make sure you put ingredients section on your packaging.

Know your customers current buying trends: Nowadays, people are more interested with smaller and compact packaging.  For instance Nestle now have individual packaging instead of 1kg and 500grm.  Household product such as Dinamo,  Detergent etc nowadays have refill packaging to save their cost production and to save the environment.

If you plan on selling ANYTHING you better have the right packaging. The package is vital to your product’s success. Packaging without labeling is also useless.  Both packaging and labeling is important equally.  You have invested in your product, don’t stop short of the finish line and leave out the most important component.  Visit to know more about name label business package.



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