RC-3110If photo printing is your core business, than it’s very crucial for you to understand the different between dye sublimation printer and an inkjet printer.  Not just to know how to use the machine, but you also need to know the suitable place and time for using this 2 item.

Dye Sublimation Printer:

Suitable to use for Studio Photo Printing and  On-the-Go.  Many photo printing business owner choose this type of printer because of the speed to print quality photos.  You can find this type of printer mostly in photo studios.  There are 2 types of dye sublimation which is the compact photo printer and studio photo printer.

Compact photo printer is compatible because of the size is smaller and handy.  this printer is very suitable when you have an outdoor event that required photo printing such photo booth, promotional campaign etc. While for studio photo printer, is often found in mass photo printing for example in the malls or public places.  The device is big and most of it using DIY method where your customer or staff can print by them self.

Inkjet Printers:


Suitable for In-House and General Photo Printing. This type of printer is ideal for home use.  It use nozzles to paint images onto paper and for color material, this machine using ink cartridges with liquid ink.  The reason why inkjet printer are more popular is because the price is very affordable and the maintenance is cheaper.  Most of inkjet printer is multipurpose as it not just can print photo but general document as well.

This 2 printer have its pro and cons.  Anyhow, choose printer that can help your daily task and make your business runs smooth.  In DIYprintingSupply.com, we supply printer that very suitable for your photo gift printing business.



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