09Embroidery is one method of  a craft that involving in stitches pictures or design  or  any decorative design on either fabric or other materials by using a needle . This process is done either by machine or it also can be done  manually by hand. The design can be as simple as 1 colors or colorful abstract.

Embroidery has started since the 11th century but today,  you may see the Embroidery craft design is everywhere.  Most of the time, the design for embroidery is a mixture of the old and new.  The designer can use modern way to design which by using computers.  Embroidery is better and more exclusive when it be done in the traditional way which is by hand.  But due to the increasing demand of embroidery style in the market nowadays, more business owner prefers using several modern techniques to do this including the use of embroidery machine.  As we can see, with this technique there are no limits on what we want to do or done.

In this technique, we’re stitching the design onto the substrate using needle and thread.  All types of design such as images, logos etc. can be embroidered.  The best part is it can be done onto many materials and colors is limitless.  This technique also portrays exclusivity and professional looks.  Furthermore, it’s also long lasting especially when the user now how to take care of it.


However, there are minor issues with this method.  Not many people are good with embroidery and some of us need a longer period of time to familiar with the skills.  Some of the design needs more time to make it.  Due to that, this method can be time consuming.  But still, this method is very popular for hobby to business options.

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