Product packaging and labelling is one of the important tools for branding.  Without labelling and attractive packaging, customer won’t know what do you sell and automatically they will ignore your product. Labelling are also very useful for promoting brands in the marketing campaign.  Especially for new product and for rebranding.

Due to this phenomena, introduce TSC Thermal Label Printer T300E to help you design and produce name label sticker that suitable for product labelling, price tag, QR code etc. that helps to increase awareness and customer loyalty to your company product.

Name Sticker Printing Package includes easy-to-operate thermal label printer (T300E) with user-friendly software to print your name label stickers in few clicks. Thermal transfer ribbon and name sticker materials as well as training & certificate are all included for your printing business.

If you’re still new in this business, not to worry! TSC Thermal Label Printer T300E is user friendly and very easy to use.  In below tutorial, we show you how to use Thermal Printer (TSC LP-4403E). Enjoy~

[youtube XAs76FSgVT8]

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