3D heat transfer printing technology is currently the latest technology that is now available for the sublimation printing industry.  3D Heat Press or 3D sublimation machine helps gift printing business owner to save more time and energy.


The 3D sublimation machine is user friendly and produces an excellent result.  Compare this machine with the traditional heat transfer, 3D system in the machine helps you to go much further into dimensional imprinting than any traditional sublimation transfer solution.  Due to this, its enabling a full color decoration of unusual items and also to print onto uneven surfaces.

3D Vacuum Sublimation machine Classic utilizes a combination of vacuum pressure and heat to wrap sublimation transfer paper around curved shapes to permanently fuse your decoration onto just about any curved surface

You can use this 3D Sublimation machine to make most of sublimation products.  For example 3D Phone Case, Sublimation shot glass, shotter mug, etc.  The video tutorial below shows how to print 3D phone casing using the 3D sublimation machine.  Enjoy~

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