76DIY gift printing business is the best way to start a small business.  Why?
Because in this business, it’s not required high capital like certain business.
For example at DIYPrintingSupply.com,
we have the gift business package start-up
as low as RM1100.

In any business you involved in, business strategy is very crucial in order to ensure
your business will survive in the long-term. Hereby we share things for you to consider before starting this business:

HOW to increase profits

As we always mention before, in gift printing business, the capital is low while the profit you can gain is higher.  For instance, the cost for making a photo mug is only RM5 but
the profit margin by selling is more than 100%.  Simple, make sure the quality of
the printed gifts is excellent and don’t worry, your happy customer will keep on
coming back to you.


HOW to increase your productivity

In this business, you need to have a knowledge in photo editing.  Not to worry, there are thousands of photo editing software in the market.  Every photo look nicer if you know how to use photoshop.  Event a 60th old lady looks like a teenager with photo editing.
How about the background? Again, you can find all using the internet.

HOW to get more customer

Marketing is the most powerful tools in any business.  Why? Because of marketing activity, you  can introduce your company and product, promoting and of course selling.  If you failed to market your product, it will be very difficult for your company to sustain in this business.


Always announce your company activity to the world.  Let your prospect know your existence in the gift industry. Most importantly, let them know that you’re serious in serving them with high quality product and unique design with excellent services.
May the best Businessman wins! Good Luck!

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