Having a perfect printer is very crucial in DIY gift printing business. This is because, choosing a suitable printer will affect the outcome of your gift product.

At DIYPrintingSupply.com, we have 2types of printer which is an inkjet printer and
Geljet printer.


Between this 2 types of printer, inkjet printer is more recommended to the customer.  This is because the printing  resolution is higher than Geljet printer.  For Geljet printer, the printing resolution can go a maximum of 3,600 x 1,200 dot per inch while for inkjet printer, it can go up to 5,760 X 1,440  dots per inch.

Another reason why most printing business owners prefer to choose inkjet printer is because of the time taken for this printer for printing.  Inkjet printer normally only took 3 minutes for full A4 color printing.  Geljet printer on the other hand needs 5 minutes to do the same things.

Business owners who wanted to expand their printing business often choose an inkjet printer because they have larger printing capacity. Imagine that you can print 800 – 1,200 pages within a certain time.  You may save a lot of energy.

The most important reason why inkjet printer is preferable compared to a geljet printer by most printing business owner is because the prince for the inkjet is cheaper than geljet.  For instance:

Printing  Cost

GelJet Printer

Inkjet Printer

RM/A4  SubTrans RM 0.64 / A4   Sublimation Inks RM 0.40 / A4
RM/A4  GelTrans RM 0.64 / A4   Pigment Inks RM 0.30 / A4
RM/A4     Dye Inks RM 0.10 / A4

From  the above table we can see the price range for geljet printer and inkjet printer.  Which printer can help you to save more??

There are several more points that you can compare between the this two type of printer by
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