Woman nowadays must know how to be independent.  Although statistic showing more than 80% women are full time working with many kinds of positions. There is still woman staying at home and become a housewife.  Although staying at home, a woman can still help in growing the household income.  HOW?? Home based business is the great ideas.  A woman can still clean house, cooking dinner and make deals with the customer at the same time.

There are many home based business opportunities especially for woman. If you’re an animal lover and responsible type of person, you can start a pet sitting service for your neighborhood.   Pet owners who frequently travels might need your service rather than place their pet in a strange kennel. But make sure you have basic knowledge about the animal to avoid any problems occurs.


If  you great in cooking and love being in the kitchen, then the best small business ideas for you would be as a caterer.  Start caters among friend and family occasions first as this group of people will give you honest feedback.  If your food does taste good, don’t worry about business opportunities because people always looking for tasty food for their occasions.

Another business ideas you can do from your home is by becoming a consultant on something you good at.  Do you know business consultant can make fortune compare to the business owner himself/herself? You can become a consultant for wedding, decorating, floral arranging and much more.

The last and the most profitable business are involved in the gift business.  Everybody loves to give and getting gifts.  Use your creativity to design personalised gift and sell it for profit.  You can sell handmade gift or personalised gift such as design, photo shirt,
mug printing, button badge making and many more collectible items.

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