People who’re creative are people who love to think outside the box.  By using heat transfer paper, have fun creating personalised gift such as photo shirts, photo mugs,
phone casing, mouse pads, coasters, caps etc. In personalised gift industries,
the more unique your design, the more sales opportunity you may get.


First, you must know who are your customer or for whom the product for.

You can classify them as a group on same age, same interest, same hobby, etc.  For instance a group of university student might have a different perspective of photo gift compared to secondary school students and Manchester United fans have a different interest in design compare to F1 fans.

Secondly, be alert in any occasion and celebrations around you.  For example, this month people are more interested to talk and celebrate Valentine’s day, take this opportunity
to create a gift that suitable for this day.  Same goes to other celebrations that required people to giving gift such as Christmas, Graduation’s, New Year etc.


Finally, used your creativity to make as much unique design and post it every
social media you can think of for instance Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
Pinterest etc.  Why?  This is the most excellent place for you to market your design without paying single cents.
When doing this, you got nothing to lose.

There are a lot more great ideas on how to get easy money with DIY gift business.  Inspired people with your creative design  and earn maximum income with it.  With, we promised our
start-up business package will help you to start business immediately.
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