Business card or ID card is very crucial in the professional world.  Most of the name card, business card the as a similar standard size which is 3.5″ (L) x 2.0″ (H).  This is because it’s easy to keep either in the wallet or name card case.  The size is also helps portray professional gesture during  exchange card to each others.


The only different about business name card from one another is the color, design and the type of paper used.  There are different practical uses these cards, especially to different places such as organizations, school, university etc.

Some educational institutions use the name card for both student and staff identifications.  Some school uses a name card not just for identifications, but also as a medium to collect students’ records for an instance library card, canteen card, etc.  Whenever student went into the library, borrowing any books, the card helps school to record every student activity.  These cards have special chips to record this info.

The size and material of business cards are perfect for gift tags. You can design many things to make your gift tags look unique and special.  For example, using glossy paper and colorful alphabets to make it more attractive and fun.


You can also use business cards to inspire people around by printing out different inspirational or famous quotes on it.  For inspirational card, you can use bold fonts for the text content.  This card is great to be distributed among office colleagues as a way to motivate each other.

A business card can be a great business to start with in printing industries.
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