Business is one of the ways you can earn a higher income.  But not many business owners know how to make money in the industry the involved in. The first 3 years are the crucial time where you must have strong business strategies to maintain and successful.


In gift industry, it’s really easy to make money when you know the formula.
The key to success in this business is to always learn the scenario in the gift market.

Market Demands of Personalised Gifts

In gift industry especially for personalised photo gifts, we classified gift into 2 categories:

  1. Personalised Gifts: People tend to give gifts during special occasions such as birthday gifts and and anniversary gifts. There are also gifts to be given during seasonal and commemorative day such as Christmas gifts, Mother’s Day gifts as well as Valentine’s Day gifts.
  2. Corporate Gifts: Many organizations, corporate body, company, etc. were using personalized gift for their marketing activities, keeping a loyal customer and for keeping a good relationship with business partner, employee, and customer.

From above situations, we can see the continuous demand for custom made gifts no matter in the personal market and corporate world.


Or we could say this, “As long as there is LOVE among us, there are always niche markets for personalised gift ideas”. Unique & personalised gifts are the best business opportunity for you in the gift-giving industry with increasing market demand and potential.


How to Maximize Profits?

Now, you know personalised gift business can help you to earn money.  The Below chart is our recommended retail price for you in order to get higher income with maximum profits.

MUG Material Printing Cost Price Retail Price Gross Profit Profit %
Button Badge 0.40 0.05 0.45 4.00 3.55 789%
White Mug 4.00 0.40 4.40 27.00 22.60 514%
TShirt 13.00 1.00 14.00 39.00 25.00 179%


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