56DIY personalised gift business is are very rewarding and profitable business.  However, every business has its own risk.  There are also several things you need to give an extra attention to avoid making mistakes.

A stupid mistake may cost you a fortune. DIYPrintingSupply.com will help you to avoid those problems by giving you 4tips you need to implement to start making money in DIY gift business.

Stay Focus

Remember, quality is more important than quantity.  Stay focus on what you’re producing and focus on your market segmentation.  Don’t worry, there are tons of fish in the oceans. 🙂

Lets the market know about you and your product.  For example, if your target market is more on publics, you might start by producing for holiday gifts such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas.


Always study about your supplier before you pick one.  Choose suppliers who can help you to minimize costs with the best quality product.  Start small and don’t buy more than you can comfortably store and afford. It’s better to grow in the future than to start too big at the beginning.

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The internet is a great way to start selling. Although you’re only focusing on the local area, it is still good for your business to have a website.  Having a website is convenient for you to track your sales record and for customers to find and purchase products.

The DIY production team also has it owns website for those who are looking and searching for personalised gift products.  Click here for more info – http://bit.ly/1is10Zc


Finally, think about how much commitment you want to put into your gift business. Do you want to stay at home, or are you hoping to move to a warehouse or retail shop in the future?

There is no right or wrong answer, but these are questions that need to be answered as you write your business plan.23

Opening a business required a hard work.  But many people find great satisfaction when working from home and running a small business. They are working for themselves, and they have more time with their family.






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