Do you know that there are many printing methods for you to choose from in T-shirt making and designing? Let us discuss 4 types of T-shirt printing methods:

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is an inexpensive way for producing in high amounts and maintaining the same quality. If you can see, most of the graphic tees found in the market are being produced using this method. However, if you want to start small, screen printing is really not for you. Because if you produce less than 10 pieces at one time, the production cost is higher.

Click this link to check out detail on how to screen print http://www.screenprintinghowto.org/

Vinyl Cut Printing

The second method is vinyl cut printing. This method is suitable for simple designs such as numbering or wordings for garments such as jersey, sports T-shirt etc. Using this method involves the application of cutting plotter machine (to cut the vinyl) and a heat press machine to provide heat and pressure to transfer the designs onto T-shirt. However, you can also use traditional ways which are by making use iron and a pair of scissors.

Digital Printing (DTG-Direct to Garment)

The third method is by using digital printing. Most T-shirt printing business owners agree that digital printing is the best printing method, especially when you want to print designs with multi-colour in one shot. This method is also economical for small business owners.


Heat Transfer Printing

The final method is by using heat transfer printing. This method is also suitable for business start-up and low budget businesses. If you know how to manage the heat and pressure proficiently, you will get excellent results.

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