03Vinyl printing is best used on DIY gift products such as T-shirts, caps, tote bags, cushion covers etc. Other than that, you can also use vinyl printing to make signage as to replace banners or posters. This helps you to market your product or showroom to the public.

Below are 10 reasons why people tend to choose vinyl printing:

  1. Vinyl last longer, the image won’t fade away easily because of its resistance to humidity and moisture.
  2. Vinyl is water resistant as it is made from a durable plastic material.
  3. Vinyl is made from an environmentally friendly material. You can have it recycled and reused easily.
  4. Vinyl can be processed in both transparent and solid.
  5. Vinyl can help you to increase the attractiveness of the design because it uses variety of bright colors
  6. 07Vinyl has high visibility when you can use it to make personalised gifts such as T-shirts, cushions, caps and etc.
  7. Vinyl is removable and leave no sticky residue.  It’s perfect for making vehicle or wall stickers.
  8. Vinyl can be found in three types of materials; that is in matte, semi-gloss and glossy.
  9. Vinyl is used to make promotional danglers, diaries, banners, notepads, flyers, cards, logos and many more.
  10. Vinyl is cost effective. Most vinyl is sold at affordable prices. DIYPrintingSupply.com can provide you with wholesales prices.

There are more reasons why people tend to choose vinyl printing for heat transfer printing business.

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