For years and years, we have used plain coloured ceramic tiles to decorate the walls and floors of our homes. Today, we’re going to change that and show you how plain ceramic tiles can be something else, something much more beautiful.

Ceramic tiles can be used as a great personalised gift, printing pictures or designs onto it using the sublimation heat transfer method. These can be a great present that will add a personal touch to the special memories that were created through the pictures.

Besides that, it can also be used for interior and exterior decorating in your homes. Ceramic tiles can add unique touches to your home whether it’d be in your kitchen, bathroom or even living room. It is something that will make your home different than any other homes. Not only that it is a unique idea, ceramic tiles are also known to be very durable and can last in the long run without the colour fading. Occasionally cleaning it with a damp cloth will help to sustain the quality of the tile.

 Some examples of decorating your homes with decorative ceramic tiles are shown in the pictures below.

DIYPrintingSupply recently worked with the collaboration of Paddle Pop Ice-cream and Legoland Malaysia Resort to create this wonderful decorative photo tile.

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