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the Name Card Printing Package

Name Card Printing Package

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What is Name Card Printing Package?

Another alternative name to ‘name card’ is business card. A business card is a small card printed with one’s name, occupation, business address, etc. The purpose of having a business card is to convey a company’s contact information to the public. It also helps customers and clients remember the company and differentiate it from other competitors. Business cards are handy to have so that you are able to swap business cards during meetings, networking events or even casual meet-ups.

Benefits of Name Card Printing business

  1. Requires a low-cost start-up budget
  2. Does not require a big working space area
  3. Multiple selling channels
  4. Wide range of markets
  5. Expand your designing creativity
  6. Easy

If you are looking into beginning business cards printing, check out the package that we offer at DIY Printing Supply. The business package includes not only the required equipment like the efficient card cutter, it also includes some essential blank printing materials, we also throw in for you some promotional tools like bunting and banners plus a certificate after you have completed your training with us. Wow! What a great deal 😀

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