It is difficult to find a home where there isn’t a single photograph on display. It can be snaps of a family member, a beautiful landscape or photos of your friends and dear ones. It can be the photograph of a special occasion. Canvas, on the other hand, has been associated with painting for centuries on end. Now just think: what if you could transfer your photographs to a canvas and display them on the walls of your home? Wouldn’t that be a great idea?


Welcome to the world of photos on canvas! It’s a realm of old world charm, fine craftsmanship, and easy elegance. Just like an original oil painting, a photo printed on canvas soothes your mind when you look at it.

The Process
Sublimation printing method and Giclee method are the printing technique that is used. Sublimation method prints onto a specially coated sublimation paper. The paper is then placed over a canvas and heat is added. The ink then sinks into the weave of the canvas. The ink with Giclee method is prone to cracking and the varnish may yellow over time. Dye sublimation on other hands does not fade and does not crack. The inks are waterproof and much more vibrant. Then the canvas is stretched around a frame. The finished product looks just like a frame mounted painting on canvas.

The advantages of Photo on Canvas

1. Affordable
Canvas photo prints offer an inexpensive alternative for those who are fascinated by art. It allows you give the oil painting look to your favourite photographs, those that have a special significance to you.
2. Different formats
Canvas photo prints can be made from almost any format. It could be from your old family photograph, your child’s drawing, from old negatives or slides – virtually from anything that can be photographed or scanned.
3. Great as gifts
Canvas photo prints are a great option for gifting to people you care about. It fits into almost any occasion – birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming, and so on. The fact that it can be personalized only adds to its suitability as a gift item.
4. Long life
Canvas prints have a far greater lifespan than photographic paper or other substrates.

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