Believe it or not? T-shirt printing is a profitable business.

There are many printing methods in the market such as silk screen printing, embroidery printing, direct to garment & of course heat transfer printing that is low cost, no MOQ & full-colour printing.

See how our client print T-shirt with semi auto heat press machine (HEATranz) to speed up the printing process. It is easy as A-B-C if you learn from heat transfer printing expert like DIY.

Step 1) Prepare a white polyester or microfiber or dryfit T-shirt.Sublimation T-shirt

Step 2) Print your picture on sublimation paper with sublimation ink. We only supply quality sublimation ink for premium printing.Sublimation Paper

Step 3) Stick it with high-temperature tape to “lock” the position of the printing area.Sublimation Printing

Step 4) Insert the T-shirt onto the flat heater plate of semi-auto heat press machine.Heat Transfer Printing

Step 5) Heat….ing….Be patient. It heats up to 180-degree Celcius and only takes up 60 seconds. Semi Auto Heat Press Machine

Step 6) 3…2…1… ding ding! Semi auto heat press machine will automatically open itself. See your printing result.Sublimation Printing on Polyester Tshirt

Step 7) Fold the T-shirt with a smile.T-shirt Printing Service

8) Done. Easy as A-B-C, right?T-shirt Printer in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor


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