Customising & designing your custom phone cases are EASY today with advanced heat transfer printing technology and heat press machine.

How to print your phone casing?
1) Design your artwork based on the given template (ai & pdf file). Different phone cases may have different templates.

2) Print it with sublimation inks using inkjet printer on sublimation paper. Wrap it on the blank phone cases with high-temperature tape.

3) Heat it with flat heat press machine or 3D sublimation vacuum heat press for “side printing” (see picture below)
Customised iPhone Phone Cases With Your Photos
4) Done.

What else phone cases can you print? See below.
Sublimation Phones for Heat Transfer Printing

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p/s: with same package above, you can also print every gift items that are “flat” such as T-shirt, cushion, keychain, mousepad, ceramic tile, photo rock, glass frame etc..

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