Nas Ahmad, a huge name among Malaysian entertainment enthusiasts, is a known TV producer and broadcast journalist popular partly due to his role in Melodi’s sensational segment, Terjah. Last Saturday, May 7th, 2016, the man himself came to’s office to make a purchase. Many will know Nas Ahmad as the fierce journalist but did you know that he is also a lyricist, a script writer, a cartoonist, and most notably he is the managing director of Art Soldier Creative?

We are grateful to receive his arrival to’s own office where he purchased his own printing machine. With the purchase of the machine through one of our many packages, Nas Ahmad will receive his training and has set the date to meet us again for the training session. Throughout the transaction, we find that the man is friendly and genial at heart, similar to how he has always brought himself in front of the camera or behind the scenes. Our colleagues from couldn’t help but be excited with his presence and did not miss the chance to pose for a few pictures with Nas Ahmad.

We hope Nas Ahmad is satisfied with our service and will continue to support in future business ventures. promises to give the best service and post-purchase technical assistance to all of our customers to ensure customer satisfaction.

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