Don’t become a criminal and don’t go to jail or else you won’t be able to eat nice food or sleep on a comfy bed. That’s why you shouldn’t print money but instead, you should print gifts to get money.

What? Print gifts to get money? How?


You must be wondering what gift printing is even in the first place. Gifts in this context are customizable premiums. Meaning each product that comes out from the production room does not need to be the same all the time.


Therefore, gift printing is to be the one creating these customisable products. Hence, print gifts to get money!


The total size of the gift market in Malaysia is estimated to be approximately RM20billion. That’s a really huge number and you and I both know there must be some serious cash involved in the industry.

When it comes to gift giving, not everyone knows how to present a meaningful and valuable gift to their loved ones. Typical problems faced every time they’re about to find gifts are “My budget is limited. I cannot afford to buy an expensive gift, how?” Or maybe “This gift is nice, but it is too common and cannot show my sincerity and thoughtfulness, how?” “I prefer gifts that are more usable and practical instead of an impractical gift, how?” is also something that people will ponder upon.

Thus, without wasting their time and cudgel one’s brains for the gift, they will simply buy a “good” gift at an expensive price, thinking that the expensive gift is always the best gift.

Here’s where you can come in as a savior! Save the nation from expensive and impractical gifts that do nothing but get forgotten at the back burner after a week.



Personalized gift ideas have a wider range of potential customer markets:
1. Friendship: A gift to our friends on birthday, graduation or convocation.
2. Family: A gift to our parents on Parent Day, Family Day or Reunion Day.
3. Love relationship: A gift to our beloved one on Valentine’s Day or wedding anniversary.
4. Corporate: A reward gift for the most outstanding employee on the annual dinner or an appreciative gift to loyalty customers/clients.
5. Wedding agency: A gift to the newly-married couple or during their anniversary.
6. School: A gift to our teachers for their teaching or enlightenment on Teacher Day.
7. Hospital: A gift to encourage and inspire patients on recovering from illnesses.

8. Photo Lab: An additional gift idea for photo lab business owner to add value in their businesses.

Bet you never thought of these.


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