Let’s be clear, you just bought your first heat press machine. You’re excited to produce your very first product. But while doing it, you encounter a few problems. You start to wonder whether it is a heat press problem or is it you?

Well, fret not. Because we’re here to help you.

With that in mind, let us start our troubleshooting guide.



“I keep getting inconsistent results with my heat press machine. Am I doing something wrong?”

There are 3 elements for heat press machine that you need to be aware of – temperature, time and pressure.

Check your temperature and then check your time and also pressure applied. Start experimenting. Increase the time over a couple of transfer. If you do not get better results, try to check the printer on your printer especially if there is any broken line in the nozzle check result. In which can result that the printing is not as good as needed. Basically, it is a trial and error until you have reached the desired outcome.


“Why is that when I’m printing the transfer ink is going through the back of the garment?”

This is due to the pressure. If you applied so much pressure on your heat press, it will cause the ink to go through the back of the garment. What you can do is to check the pressure and reduce it if necessary. Another thing that you can do is to place the Teflon sheet inside the shirt. 


“Oh no, my heat press has ruined my T-shirt! It has become discoloured. The same goes to my bag when I am using heat press.”

To note, different fabrics have different melting points. You cannot use the same temperature for all fabrics. If you are using high temperature for all garments, you are most probably going to melt almost everything! Be sure to set up the temperature according to the type of garments. Some of the things you can do are:

  • Ensure that the fabric or textile you used can withstand heat up to 180c
  • For a good printing, result ensures that the material you use is correct and the ink used also suitable with the material you use. For example, pigment ink for cotton t-shirt and sublimation ink for gifts and light coloured shirt (the colour may change but still acceptable)


“The design on my T-shirt failed badly! It is peeling off!”

When you’re facing with this situation, don’t panic. There are things that you can do to prevent a similar situation from happening.

    1. PREHEAT the garment

        It will help release moisture and wrinkles that can affect adhesion.

    2. ENSURE that you applied correct temperature and time

    3. TIGHTEN the pressure so that the material sticks nicely the onto shirt. 


Remember when it comes to heat press machine, it is good for you to start experimenting with other garments before you start heating. When you have finally managed to achieve a good result, keep on doing what you do.

There you go. We hope we have helped to ease your worries. ANY troubleshooting tips to share with us?

Do let us know.

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