If you are in the line of business, you must exercise this notion that patience is a virtue especially when it comes to dealing with all sorts of customers with different traits. There are times when you as a seller can only bear so much. But keep this is in mind when dealing with the customers who keep hounding you with lots of customers, please don’t act irrationally by giving them your piece of mind. The most important thing is you need to attend to their needs even if sometimes you feel frustrated with their action.

As a seller, you also need to know that you are in need of customers to run your business. This relationship is not one sided. But it a two-way relationship that requires both you and customer to make it successful. When the customer is happy with your service and products, you will get yourself a recurring customer. Not only your customer will be pleased and keep on doing service with you but you yourself will benefit from it. It is a win-win situation.

We will share with you some of the characteristics of the customers or prospects that you may face when you are doing business. When you are familiar with your customers’ behavior, trust me it will change the way you run your business like you never have before.

Therefore, let us take a look at your customers and their characteristics and how to overcome it:

#1 Keep on asking questions and prices…..but never did buy

In my opinion, you will always encounter this type of customer. You will find this trait in a customer who only wants to survey and compare the prices between you and other sellers. He or she will keep asking you questions and questions but at the end, they are going to keep quiet. There is a case in which seller has to attend to every question asked by the customer but after knowing it, they leave a dead trail. 

How to deal with this situation?
When you meet this type of customer, do not chase them or force them to buy from you through phone calls or messages. Not all customers appreciate hard selling. If they started to show disinterest in your products and started to act cold towards you, be wise: Stay away from them. There’s no good coming for you if you are chasing those who are no longer interested as this will further waste your valuable time. It is better if you focused the energy to other customers. P/S: Don’t take offense as some of them might leave you hanging.


#2 Rude Customers

Have you met one before? What did you react to it? You will meet this type of customer especially when they are not satisfied with your service or your product. Believe me, you will never expect this to come.

How to with this situation?
Seller needs to deal with this situation diligently and you must not be emotional. Don’t let emotion clouds your judgment. What can you do?
Just be calm and don’t get offended with some of the customer’s words as it might cost you.
Don’t be fire with fire. Keep your cool and be rational to convince the customer.


#3 Impatient customers

Surely you can’t stand this type of customer. But what to do about it? This type of customer wishes to get the product they purchased via online on that itself. If it is COD well then that’s a different case, but if is the method of delivery is via courier. How can they send it to your customer in a day? You’re going to get quite a headache should you have to attend the customer’s needs.

How to deal with this situation?
Explain to your customers on the method of delivery that can take a few days. Don’t make promises that you can’t keep such as promises to deliver the item on that day they purchased itself or the next day. Because you may never know of a future issue that can occur as it is beyond your capability to predict the future. Give a certain time duration such as 2-3 working days and please ensure you keep updating the tracking number and also ask the customer whether they have received the parcel safely or not.


#4 Customers still doubting to buy

How can you tell if they still have doubt? Take note of the questions they might throw at you.
“Are these products trustworthy?”
“Are there any side effect?”
“What if there are something wrong with this product can I get my money back?”

How to deal with this situation?
Convince your customer with the benefits and advantage of the customers and testimonies. But do not be an unethical seller by using other seller’s testimonies.


#5 The all-knowing customers

All sellers love this type of customer. This customer has already known the information they need regarding the product and has already shown an interest in buying from you. Most importantly, they do not waste your time by asking endless questions. They already know what they want to buy.

How to deal with this situation?
If you are aware of your customer’s product interest, just focus on that. If they are interested in product A, don’t draw their attention to the product B. It is feared that by doing so, you have made them lose interest in your product.

You must remember that not all prospects can turn to customers. But one thing for sure, you need to treat all your customers with patience and give them a good service. You will never know perhaps one day, they will turn to you.


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