When it comes to doing a business, people would think of the profit they will gain out of it.
“Whoa, your business is doing good it seems.”
“Oh, you’re doing a part time job? That explains all the money you’ve got.”

There is no doubt that business can make you gain lots of profit. But, there’s no certainty for ones to gain high profit if one cannot do the following especially if you are still employed and wish to start a part time business. Do you have what it takes to juggle both your career and your business? For those who wish to start a business while working, you must be able to do the following.

#1 Make time 

You must make time for your business and also for your job. It is not easy to juggle both as it requires you to sacrifice some of your time to make it happen. Spend some time to focus on your business. Maybe at night or outside your working hour as this is the perfect time for you to conduct your business. 

#2 Divide your time wisely

A business is a business and your career is your career.
DON’T get them both mixed up. Both your business and your career requires your never-ending attention. Divide your time wisely and make time for each. When you mix them both, you may find yourself facing difficulties to juggle both. 

#3 Business planning done right

In every business, a detailed and precise business planning is needed for every seller to plan their business ahead. It goes for both offline and online business. Set a goal and also daily planning for your business.
For example:
1. WHEN you should post on media social
2. WHEN you should post your customer’s items.
3. WHEN you should promote
4. WHEN you should update all customer’s orders

All of these planning require a commitment from you.

#4 Manage your financial

This is important. There are many sellers do not separate their business income with their personal saving. When you mixed those together, it will be hard for you to keep track of your business financial flow. Keep a record of your business finances.

#5 Running your business during working hour?

Okay, it is a big NO. Not only you will focus but it can cause a damage to your work. Don’t let your boss caught you at work. You are deemed unprofessional.

If you considered that your business is now more important than your job, you need to make a serious consideration; Is this what you really want?

THE CHOICE is yours.

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