Ramadhan makes the most exciting month for those who wish to generate extra income, especially for Aidil Fitri. Maybe, there are a few of you who have already wish to start your business but are still contemplating to find the right business during Ramadhan. Business opportunities in Ramadhan are mostly a seasonal business. Therefore, after Ramadhan, there’s a high chance of you not being able to continue the business especially if you are doing a seasonal business and after the off-season, your business will no longer be relevant. For instance, businesses such as Raya cookies, envelopes or firecrackers. 

But do you wish to know what are the business opportunities that will allow you to generate income during the seasonal time but after the off-season as well? If your answer is YES, we would love to share some of the printing business ideas for you to try on. 

#1 Card making business

Card business is not something new. Even with the arrival of technology, it has started to replace the uses of the card in our lives but believe or not, the card is still relevant and still have its own fans. This business encompasses a broad field as it offers cards suitable for any occasion namely for greeting, invitation but much more! If you are a graphic designer, take this opportunity to gain a profitable income.

#2 Sticker business

Sticker business is definitely a rewarding business since we need stickers for almost about anything when it comes to marketing purposes. You can use stickers for any promotional events, for your products such as Raya cookies, packaging and etc. 

#3 Corporate gifts/ door gifts

Doorgifts are the main choices to be given to the guests by private individuals or corporate companies for their event. This type of business is suitable for all seasons and occasions. You can give personalised gifts for your guests such as mug printed with your logo or your custom message to welcome and honour your guests. It is a highly profitable business for those who wish to start a gift printing business with many demands from the market. 

#4 Photobooth services

Photobooth for Raya event? Wow, it will surely impress your guests and bring more fun and enjoyment to your event.  Why don’t you take this golden opportunity to start your own photo booth business?

There are in fact many businesses you can actually venture for Ramadhan. But whatever business you wish to do, you have to ensure that you have the determination and endless effort to make it a success. If you are interested in a printing business that enables you to gain high income with low starting cost, LOOK NO FURTHER!

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