A T-shirt printing business is a lucrative business as this type of business is not a seasonal business. With its diverse market, there are lots of demands coming in for a new design. As it is timeless, we can see that there’s a plenty of room for T-shirt’s entrepreneur to experiment with the trendy yet stylish t-shirt designs to meet the market’s demands and individual needs.

If you’ve already in the business or about to become one, there are so many methods of T-shirt printing. Among are Direct to Garment, Screen Printing, Transfer, and Sublimation.

If you are looking for another method for your T-shirt printing, we would like to introduce to you a T-shirt printing method called Vinyl Printing. 

T-shirt Printing Using Vinyl 

Vinyl Printing is the method of printing using heat press. The application doesn’t require you to go extra miles just to create a T-shirt. You just have to cut the Vinyl according to the design you required using a cutting tool such as Cameo and heat the Vinyl using the Heat Press machine.

The Advantages of Vinyl that you may not know:

1. Can withstand heat and does not melt easily. Therefore, it will never melt once it is heated using heat press.
2. Durable
3. Waterproof
4. Washable 
5. Easy to cut and work well with Cameo

Some of the use of Vinyl for T-shirt

1. To make a design for name or number


2. Designs of motivational words or any design that requires Vinyl

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There are a lot of Vinyl available in the market. Some of them are:

Flock, Sparkling, Special Vinyl, PU Vinyl, PU Neon, Metallic, Hologram, and Glitter

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