You’re interested in starting a t-shirt printing business but don’t know what type of machine to use? Well, if that’s the case then you’re certainly at the right place. We know that it can be difficult for you to decide on the ideal printer for your business; therefore, we’ve listed down several types of printing machines that can be of good use to you. So go ahead and have a read-through to see which printer best suits your company’s needs.

1. DTG Printers

DTG Printing which is short for Direct to Garment Printing uses inkjet technology to directly apply ink onto garments. From here, you can understand why it’s called DTG Printing. Though, you can’t simply use the typical paper printer. A specific printer is needed as well as specialty inks. The great thing about DTG is that you’ll get better printing quality of your designs as well as be able to print in various colours.

2. Dye Sublimation Printers

Another good t-shirt printing machine option is through the use of dye-sublimation printers. What sets it apart from other printing machineries is its ability to print lasting designs on your chosen printing materials. How does it do so? For sublimation printing, the design isn’t just placed or printed on top of the material. Instead, it is embedded into it. Take for example a t-shirt.

Since sublimation printing fuses the design into the fabric, the design won’t fade even after several turns in the wash. What’s more, the printed fabric will have a much smoother feel and none of the rubbery texture usually associated with on the surface printing. One downside for it would be the limited material it can print upon for it is best used for poly-based items.

3. Heat Presses

Asides from specialty printers, certain machines can also be used to print t-shirts, and one of them is heat press machines. Unlike the printers mentioned above, a heat press machine imprints your design onto your chosen printing material. This is accomplished through the application of pressure and heat. Although heat presses are typically used for garments such as t-shirts, they can also be used to print other non-fabric products like jigsaw puzzles and mugs.

Heat presses today come in various modes; manual, auto and semi-auto. Of course, the cost for each type will differ just like the cost of manual and automatic cars. Thus, depending on your budget, you can choose the best type for your business.

Apart from that, heat presses also come in various designs. For the clamshell design, the upper heat element opens like a clamshell that’s why it is named as so. The swing-away design on the hand has the upper heat element swing away from the stationary platen below. The third type which is the draw style press contains a lower platen that can be pulled out and away from the heat just like a drawer so as to allow for graphic preparation.

Similar to how t-shirt printers need their own specialty inks, heat press machines too require a certain type of ink for it to work. Therefore, sublimation inks and sublimation paper are the two types of items needed for the heat press printing process.

So, what do you think? Have a t-shirt printing machine in mind for your business? You don’t need to make a decision straight away as these things require time and careful planning. Especially when it involves spending money. Thus, explore our website for more information on the types of printing machines and tools available either for printing t-shirts or any type of printing material. We also provide useful printing business packages that’ll provide you with all the necessary items needed for a successful printing business so be sure to check us out.



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